Consumer engagement in aged care – surveys for aged care providers and consumers

By mpconsulting

The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (the Commission) has engaged mpconsulting to explore better practice models for engagement between aged care providers and people receiving aged care services. More information on this project is available here.

As part of this work, we are seeking input from aged care providers and people receiving aged care services (including their family, friends and carers) on existing models of engagement and how these work in practice. To do this, we have released two surveys:

The surveys will be open for four weeks, from 24 June to 22 July 2019.

We will use the information from these surveys to co-design better practice models of consumer engagement with providers and consumers and develop practical resources to support aged care providers to effectively engage with consumers and achieve consumer centred care.

If you or anyone you know is interested in contributing to this work, we encourage you to share this information and to complete the survey most relevant to you.

Thank you!