mpconsulting is regularly engaged by organisations requiring a thorough review and evaluation of the environment in which they operate, and independent analysis of the current state of play and areas for improvement. We undertake literature reviews, research international comparisons and carry out structured stakeholder consultation.

Well-designed evaluations are critical to determining the ongoing effectiveness of policies, programs and activities. Evaluation outcomes provide insights into what is working, whether it is working as intended, and what can be improved.

We believe there is no one-size-fits-all process for evaluating policy and programs. In each case, the evaluation framework must be tailored to the purpose for which the evaluation will be used, the intended audience and the scale of the program, policy or activity being evaluated.

We have significant experience designing evaluation frameworks; critically reviewing frameworks developed by others; undertaking legislated reviews of programs (where we have translated the broad directions of Parliament into a meaningful, methodologically-rigorous evaluation framework); and developing performance indicators and measures.

Here are some of the ways in which we add value in the area of review + evaluation:

  • We take the time to thoroughly understand the subject of the review or evaluation; we ask a lot of questions and drill down into the detail. We know that time invested at the outset of a project pays dividends.
  • We understand the political, policy and organisational context within which the program or activity sits.
  • We carefully define the policy, program or activity, the purpose of the evaluation and any relevant assumptions or limitations.
  • We develop a detailed roadmap for the evaluation including questions to be answered and the most efficient, effective and feasible methodology for answering those questions.
  • We determine the appropriate level and nature of consultation to be undertaken.
  • We help clients to “connect the dots” that aren’t always easy to see when working on something day in day out.
  • We stand by, and can explain our recommendations, because they are well reasoned, evidenced and simply stated.
  • We deliver reports that are clear, legally sound, well-articulated and free of jargon.

Importantly we also ensure that staff are brought along with the reform process and that our recommendations can be readily implemented to realistic timeframes.


In terms of strategic policy advice, mpconsulting is forensic in its investigation of options and always puts forward as comprehensive a range as possible (i.e. all theoretical options). In addition, the firm’s experience in best-practice administrative law, and the design of staff manuals and training procedures (for Commonwealth public servants in particular) means that evaluations are put forward in the context of implementation.