Consultation on consistency of food regulatory approaches

By mpconsulting

mpconsulting is working with the Food Regulation Standing Committee to identify key areas of inconsistency in food regulation and the impacts of this on businesses and regulatory outcomes. 

We are looking to understand the key areas of inconsistency (within Australia and between Australia and New Zealand) and their impacts in terms of both adverse regulatory outcomes (e.g. undermining food safety objectives, causing reputational damage to the food regulatory system, creating confusion for consumers, creating challenges for monitoring and enforcement, etc.) and adverse outcomes for food businesses (e.g. in terms of cost, compliance burden, market disadvantage, lost opportunity, uneven playing field, duplication of effort, etc.).

A consultation paper and survey have been published on the Australian Government Department of Health’s Consultation Hub.

Through the survey, we are seeking feedback from food businesses (across the supply chain), governments and others (such as third party auditors) regarding areas of inconsistency with adverse impacts, and information demonstrating the significance of that impact.

We look forward to your response and thank stakeholders for their contribution to this work.

Consultation closes: midnight 18 December 2020.